Laura began her dance training at the age of 13 with David Thompson’s junior dance squad . Through out her high school career, she has competed at several high school dance competitions as well as studio competitions such as Next Level and Peak Invitational. She was brought to dance in Fresh Groove Productions, one of the leading hip hop dance studios in British Columbia, under the supervision of the artistic director,Cezar Tantoco and coach, Mark Dogillo.Laura’s crew Illestvibe was established in 2008 and started to gain recognition in just a few years, winning national and international competitions such as The Canadian Hip Hop Championships and the International Dance Challenge in the US. She then got the opportunity to represent Canada in Las Vegas at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships and accomplished 2nd place in the varsity category with her crew in 2010. An additional opportunity rose when the whole crew was able to represent Canada in Europe at the UDO Street Dance Competition. Furthermore, Laura and her crew has also been featured on Much Music’s NML Dance Battles in Toronto along with being featured in Canada’s Got Talent with a bigger crew called “Groovement”.

With the knowledge and training she has gained over the years, she began creating choreography of her own and is now the coach of an additional crew in Fresh Groove called “R@W”. Laura continues to strive to reach her full potential not only in her dance life, but in her school life while being a full-time student at Douglas College.